GranuFlo: Why It’s Dangerous and Filing a Lawsuit

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013

Being faced with a life-threatening condition like kidney failure is difficult enough as it is. In such a situation, a person affected with such a serious health problem deserves to receive the best care possible and to be able to trust their doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are treating them or providing the products needed for their treatment. Sadly for many Americans who have undergone hemodialysis treatment in the past few years in an effort to combat the negative effects of kidney failure and have used GranuFlo during this treatment, they have suffered further health problems rather than receiving the care they needed.

GranuFlo, a dry acid concentrate that is produced by Fresenius Medical Care, is a product that is used by many hemodialysis patients in order to neutralize the toxins that build up in their blood. However, this product causes a buildup of bicarbonates in a person’s blood, which can cause serious heart problems, such as cardiac arrest, heart arrhythmia, low blood pressure, and strokes, something which Fresenius was aware of, but choose to not address. As a product manufacturer, not only was it Fresenius’ duty to produce a product that was generally safe for most consumers to use, but to also warn anyone using this product of the potential dangers.

Because Fresenius failed in both these respects, many people are seeking to hold them liable for the devastating results that using GranuFlo has caused to victims and their families. Through filing a lawsuit, many people and their loved ones are looking to obtain not only compensation for their financial burdens and losses, but also a sense of justice for the undue physical and emotional harm that they have been forced to endure. Additionally, in an effort to prevent more Americans from facing such difficulties as those who have already used GranuFlo are currently experiencing, the U.S. FDA has issued a Class 1 recall of the dangerous product.

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